When I approached Rick Hauser and Micha Hamilton at GAS Gallery and Studio about using the gallery as a site for a tv show idea where I assembled some artists and talked art and wine, I never thought we’d have gotten to this point…more on that point later. As the show took place, with we all thought, why not have an actual art show at the gallery for a few weeks. They already had great working relationships with two of my show guests, Tara O’Leary and Lyman Dalley, and from the wine side, I brought in Kevin Lynn, Andre Mack, and the folks at Brooklyn Oenology. Rick and I both knew John Coyle from T. Edward Wines who provided some great prints from Sinskey Vineyards. The three week run went to close to six and then as we started talking about expanding it to a “second annual”, through an introduction by Matt Fink of Verity Wines, the folks at Cool Vines, a truly cool wine boutique in Westfield and Princeton, with a truly cool staff, agreed to display the art for two months in the Westfield store.

I would have been happy with one good tv show out of this…as of today, we are editing the second show, and there may be enough material for a third part. Tara, Lyman, Kevin, and also Felix Sockwell, made for a really fun shoot, although I might have to think twice next time about turning four artists loose with an ample supply of wine and a camera rolling. Andre and Alie Shaper from Brooklyn Oenology made the trek from their respective homes in Brooklyn and no, unlike many in Maplewood-South Orange, did not relocate, but did attend gatherings at the gallery…and they make appearances in the show as well. Birk O’Halloran from Iconic Wines also contributed to one of the Cool Vines events…which was also a sort of homecoming for him.

Tomorrow night, Friday June 29, is the last free event at Cool Vines (but the show is up until July 14..and the art is all for purchase)…Andre is heading west once again, to pour some of his garage wines (think really nice finished garage though)…and he is giving away signed prints of his work to the first fifty in attendance who also purchase some Mouton Noir wine. We will be there to hang out and talk about art and talk about wine. Its a great kick-off ahead of the holiday week. Come on by…we’ll be having fun.

Click here for a link with more info about tomorrow night’s event.

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