Fetish Playmates red blend…not mentioned in the book however

It’s not sweeps month I know, but I figured this topic might be of interest. Right upfront, I will admit to not having read the book (or books). Im not morally opposed, but I think originally it was just available for e-readers, and Im still reading old school. Anyhow, here is how I got the idea. As some of you know, I really like coming up with wine themes (like this past weekend for Maplewoodstock) or with pairings, even with non-food items. I noticed Montclair Patch was doing a survey of readers’ suggestions to see who should play the lead roles in a “FSOG” movie. Admittedly, I am old school in other regards since I couldnt identify some of the actors…but it gave me an idea to do a “what wine goes with ‘Fifty Shades of Grey” piece. But again, I havent read it, although by now, most of us know the premise. I suppose “The Watcher” Shiraz and “Playmates” red blend from Fetish Wines comes to mind immediately, but then I found a neat website (yes I said “neat”) that lists food and beverage references in all sorts of literature, and what page it appears on…and there was the list for this book. The site also lists music and literary references in the books too, but Im in the wine business, so will stick to that.

First, if anyone wants to lend me their copy of this book or series, just for research purposes, please let me know. I’ll even give you credit as a research assistant. Second, for those of you who have read/absorbed/consumed these books, feel free to comment, an alias is fine, on the role of wine in these books. I know its in there…I can even tell you the page numbers (because of this website). Third, no, I am not running an “adult wine themed short story” contest….but also feel free to bounce any ideas off of me if you are writing such a story…I can help you with the wine reference authenticty — that’s all.

My first thought when looking at the list of food and beverage listings in “Fifty Shades” was that not only does dominance dominate in this book, but so do food and beverages! Theres lots of references to both, although not sure if they play a role in the main theme. The second thought I had when perusing the list of references…there’s no red wine! There’s a reference to gin and tonic…two references to margaritas…oh, and five cosmo references (arent they so 1990’s?)…none for red wine. The author does seem to get around to it in “Fifty Shades Darker”, but come on, some of the sexiest wines are red wines. I wasnt surprised by the multiple champagne references in general, but there were also two specific references to Bollinger and Moet and Chandon. Also making the fizzy list is Prosecco, although it doesnt say if its frizzante or spumante in style…frizzante seems a bit too playful. There are no beer references, not even craft beers…orange juice, all by itself, is very popular, and occasional references to tea and coffee.

Now onto the whites. Chablis…Chablis can be very sexy…Burgundies in general, white or red, can most certainly be. Unfortunately, the page of the Chablis reference didnt match up with either of the two oyster references…too bad — oysters and Chablis, classic and sexy. The Loire comes in with two references…Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, both fine expressions of sauvignon blanc. But the white wine that gets multiple references…Pinot Grigio. Fortunately, it wasnt a specific reference where they said they were rocking out with Santa Margharita or a big ass bottle of Cavit. Pinot Grigio is a nice and refreshing, sometimes zippy, wine, although not nearly as interesting as its Alsatian brethren, Pinot Gris (Gris means Grey by the way…maybe I ought to do a tasting of fifty pinot gris/grigios). Pinot Gris can have a much nicer mouthfeel and linger more on the tongue, but Pinot Grigio isnt terribly sexy. Does it play an integral part in the story? If so, the author definitely doesnt have any wine cred.

So, for those who have plowed though the books and now this piece, do you even remember wine being in the books? Does it play any role in the story itself? Have you tried anything mentioned in the book? I mean, the wines. Would you participate in a “FSOG” tasting? I mean, the wines. Please dont feel constrained and share your thoughts.

Laters, baby. I mean, cheers!