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How Bugs Bunny Prompted Some Wine Research and Education

This picture references three of my favorite things…baseball, Bugs, and yes, bubbly.  Yes, bubbly…right there in the background on the fence. Yes, I am of AARP card holding age (I keep tossing the letters out though) and will admit unabashedly that I like cartoons, and Bugs Bunny is at the top, along with Rocky and… Continue Reading

Part 2 of My Girl Scout Cookie and Wine Pairing

“Las cosas claras y el chocolate espeso” is a Spanish proverb that translates to “Clear things and thick chocolate”, or “let’s get things clear”. The “thick chocolate” part refers to the chocolate drink first made in Spain that was heavy or thick with cocoa. Im not so sure all my thoughts about wine pairings with… Continue Reading

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season… (Part 1)

I was asked a few years back if there wasn’t anything I’d try to pair with wines, and my response was, “off the top of my head, no…but if I think of something, I’ll get back to you.” I also at that time that I was going to do a Girl Scout Cookies and wine… Continue Reading

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