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A ‘Baseball Meets Wine’ Story To Welcome The Arrival of Opening Day

I love baseball, and I love wine. One doesn’t think of sitting down with a glass of wine and talking baseball, but sure enough, it’s happening more and more. My friend Danny is a big baseball fan, a former employee of the New York Yankees family, and currently roots for a Queens domiciled team. He… Continue Reading

Part 2 Of Picking The Sweet Sixteen Through Wine Analysis*

I was 1 for 4 in my Thursday games using wine as the determining factor in predicting winners in the Sweet Sixteen. Let’s see how the analysis fairs for tonight’s games. East Regional: New York, NY Iowa St vs. Connecticut. This is a tough one. I have been to wineries in CT and liked them.… Continue Reading

Picking The March Madness Sweet 16 Winners Based on Wine

It’s time again for my annual March Madness Sweet 16 analysis, based almost purely on wine. Before you laugh, look at all those X’s littering your bracket sheet already. Maybe this method is akin to picking horses by the colors of the jockeys’ silks, but at least this year, “expert breakdowns” that you combed through… Continue Reading

Irish (yes really) Wine History Revisited

I am updating this blog that first appeared a year ago to mention a handful of current “Wine Geese” I have crossed paths with this year. Not sure who the wine geese are? Then read on.  These “wine geese” are of Irish descent (first generation or past) except in one case, but all exhibit passion (bordering… Continue Reading

In Honor of International Women’s Day

I have had the good fortune through my business to meet folks from all over the world passionate about wine. Many of them are women, maybe in higher percentages globally than many industries. I am grateful for that and not just because I like women. I think they bring a different sensibility to everything from… Continue Reading

Wine Pairing Ideas for Green Eggs and Ham

Today, March 2, is the birthday of Theodor Geisel, affectionately and widely known as Dr. Seuss. In his honor, I give you my wine pairings for green eggs and ham.  Maybe next up will be what pairs best with one fish, or two fish, or red fish and blue fish. Do you like green eggs… Continue Reading

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