dr. seuss wine 1Today, March 2, is the birthday of Theodor Geisel, affectionately and widely known as Dr. Seuss. In his honor, I give you my wine pairings for green eggs and ham.  Maybe next up will be what pairs best with one fish, or two fish, or red fish and blue fish.

Do you like green eggs and ham?

I do not like them Hank-I-Am. I do not like green eggs and ham

Before this gets way too long, it may be because your wine is wrong

Perhaps you are not being fair, when the problem is simply which wine to pair

First, you want some tasty pork, so delicious it barely stays on your fork

And served on that very same plate, eggs from the best fed hens are great

OK then Hank-I-Am I guess I’ll try green eggs and ham

I guess I dont have much to lose, so tell me which wine you’d choose

Here’s my wines for green eggs and ham, without some complex diagram

But please dont make this some big ordeal, you should drink whatever you feel

Remember though I may assail, your choice of white zin or Yellow tail

Could it be wine in a box? Sure! Not all of them taste like dirty socks

In fact, some are really pretty good, even though not aged in wood

Thats a pretty good thing though, oaky wines and eggs dont go

Although many find them cloying and not pleasing, another good choice may be a balanced riesling

Ham’s often paired with sherry in Spain, unfortunately many here wont do the same

Its not the time for oaky chardonnay, but consider a bistro fave – Beaujolais

A versatile pairing suggestion I often say, is a crisp Provencial style rose

Another fave – a juicy fresh grenache, your selection need not be too posh

Look for something young and fruity, wine’s for pleasure…dont be snooty

But for the last pick this I save, a wine that often is my very fave

A suggestion I make most every time, is a lively sparkling wine

Dont make your choice though in haste, look for one blanc de noir based

If you prefer to be more vocal, about your eggs and ham being more local

And being a locavore is something you do, “What grows together, goes together” is what I say to you.

This is not something you should be fearing, have fun with your food and wine pairing

Whats most important in such things, is the company and conversation such a meal brings

And now its time for me to scram; thanks for putting up with Hank-I-Am.