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In Honor of International Women’s Day

I have had the good fortune through my business to meet folks from all over the world passionate about wine. Many of them are women, maybe in higher percentages globally than many industries. I am grateful for that and not just because I like women. I think they bring a different sensibility to everything from… Continue Reading

Wine Pairing Ideas for Green Eggs and Ham

Today, March 2, is the birthday of Theodor Geisel, affectionately and widely known as Dr. Seuss. In his honor, I give you my wine pairings for green eggs and ham.  Maybe next up will be what pairs best with one fish, or two fish, or red fish and blue fish. Do you like green eggs… Continue Reading

What I’m Drinking This Valentine’s Day (and Where and Why)

I dont like to go out to eat for Valentines Day. No, not because it’s a dark day for me, but because everyone goes out to eat for Valentines Day, so even if you are a regular at your favorite place that you and your sweetheart (real, prospective or imagined), there is a good chance… Continue Reading

A Civil Rights Leader, A Segregationist and a Liberal Journalist Walk Into a Wine Shop…

A civil rights leader, a liberal journalist and a segregationist governor walk into a wine shop…nope, it’s not the opening line of a joke but a true wine story involving Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was certainly not a wine snob, but he did have an above average appreciation at that time for… Continue Reading

Top Ten Tips for Thanksgiving Tippling

Here is your guide to the fun part of Thanksgiving shopping.  It is a guide, just a bunch of ideas.  It is not a shopping list. At the end of it, drink what you like.  Thanksgiving can be a spectacular yet burdensome and difficult holiday, at least from a wine pairing perspective.  Life is short…don’t… Continue Reading

I Dont Hate Yellow Tail

I recently had the idea to do something in conjunction with the finale of “Breaking Bad” and in the style of some of the graphics used to publicize the show.  I called it “Drinking Bad”, and when I thought of a picture to go along with it, the first thing that came to mind was… Continue Reading

Hello Old Friend

In the social media world, Thursday is Throwback Thursday, which refers to years, not alcohol consumption.  I already showed the world a picture of me with hair last week (yes “the world” because we know social media sites are incredibly interested in and using every single picture we all post for their own gain, right?). … Continue Reading

News Flash: Man Bites Shark…Pairs It With Something Delicious

“Jaws” still scares the crap out of me.  At this point, I know what’s coming, I know when it’s coming, but I still jump part of the way out of my chair.  Oh no, I’m not talking about the gory shark attack scenes…I mean the wine scene!  What wine scene you ask?  Hooper comes to… Continue Reading

Notes from the Downton Abbey/Fifty Shades Wine Slam

I offered to do a fundraising wine event for a local (incredibly worthy) not for profit in my community, The HK Project, and wanted to come up with a theme for the tasting that touched upon popular culture…and two icons of popular culture recently where wine has had a presence have been “Downton Abbey” and… Continue Reading

A Restaurant Recommendation From a Less Likely Source

A partial list of where I learn about restaurants I would like to try: NY Times.  Food and Wine.  Zagats.  Chowhound.  Smithsonian Magazine? Yes, Smithsonian Magazine now gets added to the list of where I read about restaurants I wanted to try, and within days of reading the article, I had the opportunity. In the… Continue Reading

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