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Looking at the Jolie-Pitt Wine Differently This Morning

I posted a picture on my Facebook page yesterday of my recently purchased bottle of Miraval rose, a wine from the property owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and a joint winemaking venture with the Perrin family.  It is rose season, or was until the temperatures dropped here for a couple of days, and… Continue Reading

A (Really Good) Wine’s Trail…

Last summer, I had the good fortune to not only visit Tuscany, but to stay near Cortona and become friends with inn owner Alessandro Maresca at Poggio Sant’Angelo. The very first night at dinner, I wanted to try as local a wine as possible, and had the Clanis syrah from Dal Cero Winery.  The area… Continue Reading

My Dinner at Veritas, and Why It Led To Me Sharing Wine Again

I am fortunate to have the wine experiences I have had.  I am fortunate that as I continue to make this a viable career and business, many along the way have shown me kindness and generosity by letting me in and giving me access.  Because of that, I find myself pouring it forward, that is,… Continue Reading

Someone Had To Write This: What Wine Goes With Cicadas

I cook seasonally, so whatever is in abundance at various times of the year is what appears often on the dinner table.  I like fresh and local whenever possible, and pair wine accordingly.  Of course, this way of cooking is soon to be seriously challenged because there will be a fresh, local bumper crop of… Continue Reading

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