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WWJD…What Wine Jesus Drank

It is Holy Thursday, the day that commemorates the Last Supper Jesus shared with his disciples. There are various theories that prove and almost certainly disprove that it was a Passover seder (either happening on Passover or on the Passover preparation day), but this much is certain – the meal would have been at that… Continue Reading

Part 2..Sweet Sixteen Analysis (In Wine Terms)

Yesterday, I gave you the combination basketball and wine analysis of the East and South Regionals…think of it as Parker ratings meeting power ratings…today is the other half of the brackets. Midwest: The Midwest Regionals will be in Indianapolis.  We covered the state of Indiana yesterday.  Let me just add this…how many wine sponsors do… Continue Reading

Analysis of The NCAA Men’s Basketball Sweet Sixteen (In Wine)

A typically fun weekend of basketball although the Saturday games weren’t as entertaining as Sunday’s.  I did however drink my best wine of the weekend during Friday and Saturday night’s competition (Cantinino, an excellent sangiovese from Castello Sonino and a real find, a really nice and classic red Burgundy for under $20 from Ghislain Kohut).… Continue Reading

Puerto Rico, The Foodie/Thirst State

I recently traveled to Puerto Rico, very much living up to its tag as “La Isla de Encanto”, but to me it is now officially my Foodie/Thirst State. Some of the best restaurants on Puerto Rico are American, Asian, French, Italian, but I was in Puerto Rico, so I sought out Puerto Rican fare as… Continue Reading

If it was just St. Patrick’s, then it must be St. Joseph’s

Growing up in a mixed community with many inter-married families (that meant Italian and Irish…although with me you have to toss in some Alsatian too), St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t the end of the March feast days, as St. Joseph’s Day came right on the heels of it, two days later.  St. Joseph’s Day is the… Continue Reading

Ireland’s Rich Wine History*

Did you know there are snakes in Ireland now? I suppose you could have figured it out.  And did you know that there are wineries in Ireland now too (and not just in and around Cork)?  You probably could have figured that out too, but you probably didn’t know that the Irish have a long… Continue Reading

A New Pope Leads to Thoughts of Wine (and Faith Too)

Yes, a new pope made me think of wine (and as a quick aside here, those who know me well know I do think about a lot more than wine; it just might not seem that is so).  Although I have not been a wine drinker all my life, I have been a Catholic all… Continue Reading

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