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Final Public (Free) Event (for now) for “The Intersection of Art and Wine” Friday 6/29

When I approached Rick Hauser and Micha Hamilton at GAS Gallery and Studio about using the gallery as a site for a tv show idea where I assembled some artists and talked art and wine, I never thought we’d have gotten to this point…more on that point later. As the show took place, with we… Continue Reading

The Birthplace of My New Blog Starts With..The Birthplace of Wine

I’ve written a bunch of stuff about wine, but I have finally found a home to consolidate it all (I think)…here on the new Grapes Unwrapped website. So I figured I’d start writing about a wine I had recently from what is most likely the birthplace of wine. It works too because we’re in the… Continue Reading


I am not the swiftest when it comes to technology, but as The Grapes Unwrapped gets more popular, whether it be my show or my events, I figured I had to get swifter. So, here it is…the inaugural post on my new website. Swirl Wine Events is morphing into The Grapes Unwrapped…I like the name… Continue Reading

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