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Notes from the Downton Abbey/Fifty Shades Wine Slam

I offered to do a fundraising wine event for a local (incredibly worthy) not for profit in my community, The HK Project, and wanted to come up with a theme for the tasting that touched upon popular culture…and two icons of popular culture recently where wine has had a presence have been “Downton Abbey” and… Continue Reading

A Restaurant Recommendation From a Less Likely Source

A partial list of where I learn about restaurants I would like to try: NY Times.  Food and Wine.  Zagats.  Chowhound.  Smithsonian Magazine? Yes, Smithsonian Magazine now gets added to the list of where I read about restaurants I wanted to try, and within days of reading the article, I had the opportunity. In the… Continue Reading

I Tried White Zinfandel (Not THAT Kind of White Zin)….And Liked It

I’m a generally positive guy…except for my lapses into sarcasm. I am very careful not to really slam wines I don’t like, with some exceptions, but those of you who follow me are familiar with some of my riffs on those exceptions. One I have gotten a lot of mileage (and a few laughs) out… Continue Reading

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