Dogfish Head’s “Robert Johnson’s Hellhound Off My Ale”

Brooklyn Oenology Sauvignon Blanc…cool label…cool wine!

good use for the stroller after the kids are too big

What Wine and Beer Goes With Maplewoodstock*

* if I had actually consumed alcohol in a public park since everyone knows its against the law

So this past weekend was a little event in my community known as Maplewoodstock, where lots of folks get together to hear lots of really good bands, some fairly well known, some fairly lesser known. I love the event…love that it is a five minute walk from my home…love the attitude of (most of) the folks in attendance. And, even more than wine, I love music, so I thought what would I bring along that paired well with this summertime tradition music event if indeed I was going to consume any or all of it and flaunt the legal statutes (nudge nudge wink wink, say no more).

It was a really hot day, and looking around, people seemed really well hydrated, beverage-holding recepticles often seen approaching the mouths of the many attendees. I packed my trusty cooler with plenty of ice, a big old jug of water, other stuff to drink, and some grilled prosciutto-wrapped fresh figs that I shared with anyone who happened to stop by. Here is what else I “hypothetically” paired with Maplewoodstock…trying to keep with the music, summer, and outdoor gathering theme…

1. “Robert Johnson’s Hellhound on My Ale”, Dogfish Head Brewing. I dont like everything by Dogfish Head, but I do appreciate what they do, and what I do like, I tend to really really like. I really really liked this…a strong ale brewed with lemon made last year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Johnson…with a nod as well to his mentor, Blind Lemon Jefferson. This was blues power, coming in around 10% alcohol, hopped up but the citrus seemed to tone that down. A delicious ale.

2. Crios Malbec of Rose, Susana Balbo, Mendoza, Argentina. Its summer…summer means more rose…Ive talked about this one a bunch…its my “house rose”. Why Crios as a pairing? Crios means “Offspring”. The Offspring…there’s a cool band, although there was no moshpit in our little fair town this weekend.

3. Brooklyn Oenology Sauvignon Blanc, North Fork, NY. Lots of folks migrated from Brooklyn to my community. Theyre not really from Brooklyn most of them…they just lived there for a spell. I chose this wine though not as a nod to hipsters past who went suburban, but for the label…BOE uses local Williamsburg artists for their labels, and the labels pair with the wine beautifully (and peel off with sticky backs so you can collect them and trade them with your friends!). The label on this particular wine is a group of people having a fun afternoon on grass…I mean, on a lawn…just as we all did. And, its a really good wine, a really good summer wine and a really good local wine all wrapped into one.

4. back to two more beers. Lagunitas “Wilco Tango Foxtrot”…I love Wilco! And the last Wilco show I saw in Central Park last September was the best sounding outdoor concert Id ever been at…and although it didnt look like tango or foxtrot, people were dancing yesterday (looked like a cross between Ed Norton and seaweeds). Thats what they meant by Wilco Tango Foxtrot, right? And, Victory Ale “Summer Love”…Summer Love, Summer of Love…its all the same, and theyre another really top notch beer producer.

5. wrapping up with two more wines to pair with the event. “The Raconteur” Cabernet from Australia and “Deep Purple” Zinfandel from Lodi. I imagined a crowd with both The Raconteurs and Deep Purple on the bill. Well, maybe not in our nice little burg. Shemekia Copeland wrapped things up nicely enough and I pushed my re-tooled cooler transporter home.

So, to paraphrase from the back of the Deep Purple bottle…as far as Maplewoodstock 2012 went, were you experienced? Let me know what you drank “hypothetically”. No entry is laughable…except white zinfandel, of course.